The School of Accounting has taken various measures to promote its enrollment in 2020

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Recently, our college has carried out the publicity work of undergraduate enrollment, combined with the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, and carried out the publicity work of online enrollment with the help of network information communication means. On May 26, Jia Yong, the vice President of our college, participated in the webcast The Dean talks with you about the secrets of your Major jointly held by our school and Tencent Live. Jia Yong made a comprehensive interpretation on the general situation, professional characteristics, talent training, employment prospects, faculty allocation and other aspects of the college. The carefully prepared PPT and patient interpretation have been viewed online by more than 174,000 students and parents.

Recently, the school professional recruitment of publicity video filming has also been successfully completed. The actors participating in the shooting were all teachers and students of our school. The shooting content highlighted students' study and life, undergraduate talent training, introduction of national characteristic majors, development of disciplines and their social significance and value, and fully demonstrated the professional advantages, teachers and students' appearance and campus environment of accounting School.

The School of Accounting has always attached great importance to the recruitment publicity work. Under the leadership and support of the School's Party and government and the recruitment and Employment Office, the school has been constantly improving the recruitment publicity system and work forms, and further enhancing the effectiveness of the recruitment publicity work. In the next step, the college will also connect with colleges and universities based on high quality students, and provide all-round recruitment information services for examinees with the help of online consulting platforms such as websites and WeChat public accounts.

(Hanyun Hu)