The School of Accounting welcomed freshmen of 2020

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Recently, more than two hundred freshmen of 2020 have been enrolled in the School of Accounting.


On the 14th and 15th, September, the registration of the freshmen of 2020 started with careful arrangement and deployment. School attached deeply importance to the orientation proposing specific requirements. All of the staff and student volunteers did ordered preparation to welcome freshmans coming.


On September 16, the 2020 freshmen welcome meeting was held in the evening. Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Pengfei Jia and Counselor Yuhong Gai warmly welcomed the new coming of 2020 freshmen.


In the following days, the school of accounting will collaborate with relevant departments and specialized institutions to organize student entrance education on the themes such as professional introduction and academic guidance, laws and regulations, campus safety and rules to help freshmen adapt to the new study environment as soon as possible.