Professional training objective: to cultivate compound applied talents who meet the needs of socialist modernization, have basic theories of economy, management, information technology and law, and can be engaged in auditing, accounting theory and practice work in audit institutions of governments at all levels, internal audit institutions of enterprises and institutions, and accounting firms.

Professional characteristics: relying on the electrical characteristics of electronic information, based on the development of big data and cloud computing environment, discussion on the mode of intelligent audit audit and audit risk, audit technology, data mining and intelligent decision-making to school doctoral degree for technical support, similarities and differences in the similar audit profession in university, through professional core courses and teaching, information module, highlight and hangzhou electrical audit professional "audit information + case + engineering" advantages and characteristics, develop new engineering information under the background of government audit and performance evaluation, worship the fraud audit and verification services, internal auditing and risk management of applied talents.

Major core courses: auditing, computer auditing, medium and advanced financial accounting, cost management accounting, financial management, government auditing, CIA internal audit foundation, CIA internal audit practice, audit cases, internal control and corporate governance, information system auditing, database application foundation, accounting data processing and mining, etc.

Employment destination: nearly 90% of the graduates of this major are engaged in audit authentication, other authentication, consulting services and internal audit of enterprises in accounting firms, enterprises, government agencies, tax authorities and other units. More than 10% of the graduates continue their study and study for graduate students in related majors of well-known universities at home and abroad.