This major cultivates compound advanced application talents with the solid foundation of mathematics, foreign language and computer, mastery of theories and methods of modern company and enterprise financial management, knowledge and ability of finance, economy, management and law, good professional ethics and innovation ability.

This major is divided into three major directions: international financial management, enterprise value evaluation, cost control and decision making. Students are required to have strong English and computer application capability, mainly study the basic theories and knowledge of finance, finance and management, receive the training of finance, finance and management methods and skills, and have a strong ability to use financial theories and methods to analyze and solve financial and financial problems.

Main courses: management, microeconomics, macroeconomics, management information system, statistics, fundamentals of accounting, financial accounting, management cost accounting, financial management, economic law, advanced financial management, securities investment, international finance, project management, international financial management, etc.

After graduation, students of this major are mainly engaged in finance, accounting, financial management, teaching and scientific research in industrial and commercial enterprises, financial and securities industry, intermediary organizations and government departments.

The major of financial management in our school is independent on the basis of the accounting discipline of our school.

As early as 1980, our school established the department of financial management, which trained and trained a large number of backbone and leading talents of financial management for China's electronics industry. After being promoted to an undergraduate university in 1980 and enrolling graduate students in accounting in 1981, our school began to train graduate students in accounting decision-making and control, capital market and corporate finance. 

Approved by the Ministry of Education, the major of financial management began to recruit students in 1997 (renamed as financial management major after 1998), which is the first batch of colleges and universities in Zhejiang province to recruit undergraduates majoring in financial management. The project has completed the construction of university-level fine courses in financial management and the construction of courses in financial management, which has accumulated a profound professional foundation. In November 2011, it was approved as the core construction specialty of Hangzhou Dianzi University. In September 2014, it was approved as the 12th five-year plan emerging specialty construction project in Zhejiang province. In April 2017, it was approved as the 13th five-year advantage and characteristic specialty construction project of Zhejiang ordinary universities. 

As an old major of Hangzhou Dianzi University construction for more than 20 years, its graduates have a solid professional foundation, outstanding practical ability, innovative and realistic work, and cultivate a great number of outstanding entrepreneurs and leading accounting talents with financial management background for China's electronic information industry and the economic and social development of Zhejiang.