The department of Accounting, originally founded in 1956, is one of the pioneer accounting departments in Zhejiang. Today, the accounting discipline is honored as a National Key Discipline. The department of Accounting is also among the first departments to establish an undergraduate accounting program (1981) and was a front-runner in Zhejiang in obtaining authorization for a master program in accounting (1990). The department of Accounting created the Master of Professional Accounting program (MPAcc) in 2010, and Master of Auditing program (MAud) in 2018. The department of Accounting has a long history of ACCA running. It was designed as a training class before and was included in the cultivation system of undergraduates in 2013. Almost 64 years of development allows the department of Accounting to integrate theory into practice, to establish its own brand in management, and to celebrate the fact that it nurtures a large number of talents with local, national, and international engagement in education and research.

Mission of the Department

HDU Accounting is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and researching, and therefore becomes able to bring out suggestions for the society depending on its profession. The mission of the department is to innovate, to debate and to spread knowledge about accounting information to achieve effective economic decision making.

International Perspective

Students and faculty members of HDU Accounting have the best resources of international academic exchange and cooperation. The department has been involved in a series of close and regularly exchange programs with top universities in the world, in hope to help students to establish an international perspective.